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GK82.0100 - Xpert cDNA Synthesis Supermix (with gDNA eraser)


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Xpert cDNA Synthesis Supermix (with gDNA eraser) 100 Reactions

The Xpert cDNA Supermix combines an effective genomic DNA removal reaction mixture, with a convenient Reverse Transcriptase mastermix.

Presence of trace amounts of contaminating genomic DNA (gDNA) in RNA preparations can lead to significant problems such as false-positives and misjudgment of gene expression levels. The effective removal of gDNA) prior to cDNA synthesis is essential to ensure reliable results.

The Xpert cDNA Supermix (with gDNA eraser) combines an effective genomic DNA removal reaction mixture with a convenient reverse transcriptase mastermix (Xpert RTase Mix).  Using gDNA eraser, any residual DNA (ssDNA, dsDNA, and plasmid DNA) is eliminated efficiently from the RNA sample in just a few minutes.  The reaction sis stopped by adding a stop solution, eliminating the need for heating or organic extraction, which could be rejudicial to the RNA integrity.  The gDNA-free RNA solution can then be reverse-transcribed into the cDNA, using the Xpert RTase Mix.

Xpert RTase Mix is an optimized mastermix containing a balanced concentration of oligo (dT) and random hexamer primers dNTPs, RNase inhibitor and Xpert Reverse Transcriptase (RNase H-).  In this way, the need for multiple component additions is eliminated and the chance of handling errors is reduced.  This leads to excellent reproducibility and convenience.

Please note: since the mastermix already contains primers, this product cannot be used with gene-specific primers.  First strand cDNA can be directly used as a template in PCR.