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Magnetofection magnetic transfection

VM40000 - ViroMag Viral Gene Delivery Reagent


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ViroMag is designed to be used in conjunction with all viral vectors to:

  • Increase transduction efficiency
  • Concentrate the complete viral dose on the target cells very rapidly
  • Accelerate the transduction process
  • Infect non-permissive cells
  • Improve virus infectivity with low vector doses
  • Synchronize cell adsorption/infection
  • Target transduction to a specific area (magnetic targeting)

ViroMag utilizes Magnetofection technology to concentrate viral vectors on the target cells. This new technology exploits magnetic force exerted upon viral vectors associated with magnetic particles to drive the virus towards the target cells. In this manner the complete viral dose gets concentrated on the cells within a few minutes so that 100% of cells get in contact with a significant vector dose.


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Increase transduction efficiency
The use of ViroMag with adenovirus allows up to 500-fold enhancement of gene expression compared to standard infection.


Improve viral infectious capacity
Significant enhancement of retrovirus infectivity can be achieved with ViroMag.


1Standard Transduction
2 + Polybrene
3 + Polybrene + ViroMag (no magnet)
4 + ViroMag (no magnet)
5 + Polybrene + ViroMag + magnetic field
6 + ViroMag + magnetic field

Infect non-permissive cells
ViroMag allows forced infection of non-permissive cells!


Ordering information
100μl of ViroMag reagent is sufficient for 30-500 transfections in a 96-well plate. NOTE: As for all Magnetofection reagents, ViroMag requires an appropriate magnetic field. Two magnetic plates especially designed for Magnetofection are provided to exert this specific magnetic field. The special geometry of one magnetic plate produces a strong magnetic field that is suitable for 96-well plates (cat. # MF10096) and the other one (cat. # MF-10000) is suitable for all culture dishes.

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