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B. subtilis Protein Expression

Model Item Name+ Price
BSUB CONTROLS B. subtilis control vectors, 10 µg

BSUB PGRAC100 B. subtilis Pgrac100 vectors, 10 µg

BSUB HOST STRAINS Bacillus subtilis host strains, 1ml

BSUB VECTORS Bacillus subtilis vectors, 10μg

B. subtilis Protein Expression

The B. subtilis Expression Vectors are plasmid based expression vectors for highly efficient intra- and extracellular production of recombinant proteins in Bacillus subtilis. The pHT vectors use the strong promoter preceding the groESL operon of Bacillus subtilis fused to the lac operator, allowing their induction by addition of IPTG. Bacillus subtilis host strains are available as well for intracellular expression and for secretion vectors.

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