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Master Mixes

119102 - SuperHot Master Mix (2x), 200 reactions


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SuperHot Master Mix

SuperHot Master Mix (2x) is an optimized ready-to-use PCR mixture of Taq DNA Polymerase, antibodies to Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR buffer, MgCl2, and dNTPs. 2x PCR Master Mix contains all components for PCR, except DNA template and primers. The mixture was shown to be effective for Real Time PCR. 

  • High sensitivity & specificity
  • SuperHot Taq DNA Polymerase of Bioron included (Taq Polymerase with antibodies versus Taq Polymerase)
  • Easy Handling
  • Real-Time PCR
  • qPCR
  • RT-PCR
  • Primer extension
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Low-copy targets PCR
Performance and purity tests:
  • Tested for the absence of endodeoxyribonucleases and exodeoxyribonucleases. 
  • The SuperHot Taq Master Mix is tested in the amplification of a single-copy gene of mouse genomic DNA
  • Endodeoxyribonuclease Assay: No detectable conversion of covalently closed circular DNA to nicked DNA was observed after incubation of 25µl of 2x SuperHot Master Mix with 1µg of pUC19 DNA in 50µl for 4 hours neither at 37C nor at 70C
  • SuperHot Master Mix is twofold concentrated 2 x 1.25ml of Master Mix is enough for 200 reactions in 25µl final reaction volume