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Magnetofection Starter Kits

KC30300 - Starter Kit with Universal Magnet: SilenceMag


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SilenceMag is designed for siRNA transfection using Magnetofection technology. This reagent gives reliable high protein knockdown at very low doses of siRNA in primary cells and hard-to-transfect cells. SilenceMag is serum-compatible and non-toxic. 

The Magnetic Plate has optimized features for Magnetofection. It measures 8 x 12cm.


  • High protein knockdown efficiency
  • Used for all siRNA applications
  • No off-target effects
  • Serum-compatible and non-toxic
  • Simple, rapid protocol
  • Magnetic plate included


  • siRNA transfection of primary and hard-to-transfect cells
  • Gene silencing of siRNA, dsRNA, shRNA
  • Sequential and simultaneous transfections
  • Endogenous gene silencing


  • SilenceMag siRNA Delivery Reagent, 200 µl
  • Magnetic Plate, 8 x 12 cm