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Protein Gel/Blot Detection

PR-SB02-01 - SpeedBlot (Mouse) Western Blot Stain, 4 x 25ml


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SpeedBlot (Mouse) Western Blot Stain is a ready-to-use reagent containing a polyclonal antibody reactive to Mouse IgG (Fc), which is linked to spherical gold nanoparticles. After the primary antibody is added to the reagent, the solution can be used immediately for detection of the immobilized target protein. 

Fast protocol can be completed in 60-90 minutes:

Submerge membrane in SpeedBlot (His).

Incubate until the signal is clearly visible (30-90 min). 

Detection of Target Protein from E. coli Lysate
Left: Unspecific E. coli lysate sample staining with “Instant-Band” viewed on an UV transilluminator. Right: Specific SpeedBlot (Mouse) detection of target protein from E. coli lysate sample. Both detection reagents work well together.


  • Fast and easy protocol
  • No detection equipment required
  • No over-staining


  • Western blot from SDS-PAGE
  • Dot blot from purification fractions
  • Dot blot for quantification
  • Slot blot from expression studies


  • SpeedBlot (Mouse), 25ml x 4