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Protein Gel/Blot Detection

PR-SB02-01 - SpeedBlot (Mouse) Western Blot Stain, 4 x 25ml


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Speed Up Your Western!

  • Ready-to-use reagent for the detection of primary mouse antibodies in blot assays
  • Quick and Easy!
  • No over-staining!
  • Includes polyclonal antibody reactive to mouse IgG (Fc)
  • After addition of primary antibody, the solution can be used right away for the detection of immobilized target protein.
  • No detection equipment required
  • Standard applications are Western or dot blots


This ready-to-use product contains a polyclonal antibody reactive to mouse IgG (Fc), which is linked to spherical gold nanoparticles.


· Western blot from SDS-PAGE

· Dot blot from purification fractions

· Dot blot for quantification

· Slot blot from expression studies