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Protein Gel/Blot Detection

PR-SB01-01 - SpeedBlot (His) Western Blot Stain



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SpeedBlot (His) is a ready-to-use reagent for the detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins in blot assays. This reagent is equally suitable for Western Blot assays and Dot or Slot Blot assays. The detection reagent is made of an optimized anti-histidine antibody gold nanoparticle conjugate and is reactive against C- and N-terminal tags. The protein of interest is specifically stained in pink directly on the blot. With this kit, the poly-histidine tagged proteins on nitrocellulose membrane with SpeedBlot (His) are easily detected and do not require relevant hands-on time. The highly sensitive detective reagent can even achieve 0.1 pmol detection limits.

Fast protocol can be completed in 60-90 minutes:

Submerge membrane in SpeedBlot (His).

Incubate until the signal is clearly visible (30-90 min). 

Comparison of His-tag detection methods.


  • Fast, simple four-step protocol
  • Specific staining of His-tagged proteins
  • Sensitive to sub-picomol amounts of protein
  • Simple incubation, no buffer exchange
  • No readout equipment required
  • Quantitative and permanent signal
  • Works with C-/ N-terminal tags


  • Western Blot Assays
  • Dot or Slot Blot Assays


  • SpeedBlot (His), 30ml