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113 000 - SmartBlock™


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The new ready to use Blocker for ELISA, EIA, RIA, Western blotting, protein arrays and immuno-PCR

SmartBlock™ prevents nonspecific and unwanted binding to surfaces. SmartBlock™ saturates free surface binding sites (for example on microtiter plates, Western blotting membranes or slides) avoiding undesirable binding of analytes or detection antibodies to surfaces. This leads to significantly reduced background and improved sensitivity of the assay. SmartBlock™ represents an excellent alternative compared to BSA-based solutions. Problems of interactions and cross ractivities arising from BSA, which is present in many blocking solutions are a priori avoided by the use of SmartBlock™, as it is devoid of serum proteins like BSA.

In case satisfying results cannot be obtained with SmartBlock™, e.g. if your assay measures analytes in plasma, serum or tissue specimen, we strongly recommend using our highly efficient product The Blocking Solution

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125ml: 113 125

500ml: 113 500

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