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Dgel Electrophoresis

IPST20 - SingleStep™ Fast Stain



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We are pleased to introduce a new protein gel stain solution SingleStep FastStain!

This is a Coomassie based, environmentally friendly, and very safe product wiht short staining times and no need for a de-staining step!

  • Convenient - only add the stain and no de-staining!
  • Fast - highly conentrated protein bands visible within 10 minutes!
  • Flexible - To detec small amounts of protein just incubate 30-45 minutes!
  • Sensitive - Detect 1ng of proteins after overnight incubation!
  • Economical - Can be re-used several times!
  • Stable at RT!

Using the standard protocol, SingleStep™ Fast Stain does not require any gel washing nor de-staining time. It is used directly. Proteins can be visualized in 10 to 60 minutes, depending on their concentration. The comfortable detection limit for direct visualization is ~ 2 ng.  For publication quality background reduction a simple 20 minutes destain in water can be added.

The solution is stored at RT or 4°C.

Staining is performed at RT, and can be accelerated at higher temperature (40 to 45°C). The solution is reusable (at least 5 times) and is very stable at RT. SingleStep™ FastStain does not contain volatile compounds, so it is safe to use and reuse at any temperature.