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DNA Isolation/Extraction

BEK-3 - Simhelix Buccalyse Rapid Buccal Cell DNA Isolation Kit, 3 Reactions


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The Simhelix Buccalyse Rapid Buccal Cell DNA Isolation Kit is a fast and simple one tube method for extracting DNA from buccal swabs. It has been specifically formulated for use with buccal swabs. In only 20 minutes, this kit provides PCR-ready DNA that does not require centrifugation.

Figure 1: Protocol. Fast and easy one step, one tube method.

Figure 2: The gel shows good quality, intact DNA released from 3 Buccalyse samples, and its superior performance against alternative single tube kits, in terms of quality and quantity of the DNA as demonstrated using the Isohelix DQC Kit.


  • Produces 2 to 4µg average total yield from an adult
  • Simple one step, one tube DNA extraction method
  • Provides PCR-ready DNA in 20 minutes
  • Does not require centrifugation


  • DNA extraction from buccal swabs


  • Buccalyse solution, 400µl x 3 (sufficient for 3 reactions)

Other sizes available: 50 reactions

BEK3, BEK-03