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Magnetofection magnetic transfection

FS10100 - SilenceMag/FluoMag-S Red Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagent, 100μl


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Magnetofection Fluorescent reagents

Magnetofection™ is a simple and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture and in vivo. The principle is to associate nucleic acids, transfection reagents or viruses with specific cationic magnetic nanoparticles. The resulting complexes are then concentrated and transported into cells supported by an appropriate magnetic field. In this way, the exploitation of a magnetic force exerted upon gene vectors allows a very rapid concentration of the entire applied vector dose on cells, so that 100% of the cells get in contact with a significant vector dose. OZ Biosciences offers four types of ready-to-use reagents (CombiMag, PolyMag, SilenceMag, and ViroMag) and their fluorescent equivalents.

Red FluoMag reagents are tetramethylrhodamine-conjugated magnetic nanoparticles. These red fluorescent reagents are useful for many applications:

  • Double labeling and co-localization studies using GFP or FITC labeled nucleic acids
  • FACS analysis, fluorescent and confocal microscopy
  • Transfection mechanisms (follow interaction with cells, intracellular pathway, ...)
  • Fluorescent resonance energy transfer (FRET) assay as well as tracking internalization pathway in endocytic vesicles
  • Determine complexes stability in various biological environment
  • Analyze the association of nucleic acids or transfection reagents or viruses with the magnetic nanoparticles

    Reagents available

  • FluoMag-C corresponding to CombiMag
  • FluoMag-S corresponding to SilenceMag
  • FluoMag-V corresponding to ViroMag
  • FluoMag-P corresponding to PolyMag 

                                      Transfection (plasmid DNA) with FluoMag-P