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Immunoassay Optimization Buffers

105 000 - Sample Buffer


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Sample buffer and antibody dilution buffer for ELISA, EIA, RIA, protein arrays, Western blotting, immuno-PCR and immunohistochemistry

  • Sample Buffer is a dilution buffer for specimen and antibodies for direct use in immunoassays.
  • It is designed for trouble free assays without interference.
  • If you have background or false-positives – for example derived from cross reactivities or matrix effects – we recommend you use LowCross-Buffer® rather than Sample Buffer.
  • Sample Buffer is also available without Tween or other detergents for use in immunohistochemistry.
  • Ready-to-use.
  • Specimen with analyte – as well as the detection antibody – is diluted in Sample Buffer and then used in the assay.
Catalog Numbers:

50ml: 105 050
125ml: 105 125
500ml: 105 500

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