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Recombinant Nucleases

NUC00600-02 - Recombinant Exonuclease III-T, stability optimized, 100μl


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Exonuclease III (ExoIII) of E. coli is a 31 kDa monomeric, globular protein combining multiple catalytic activities in one active site. It acts on double-stranded (ds) DNA as a 3'-5' exonuclease, a 3'- phosphomonoesterase, an apurinic/apyrimidimic (AP) sites specific endonuclease and an exonucleolytic ribonuclease H. Its exonucleolytic activity removes 5'-mononucleotides from the 3'-hydroxyl ends of ds DNA, leaving protruding 5'-termini. Its catalytic rate can be adjusted by temperature and NaCl concentration. This allows for the generation of single-stranded DNA templates for sequencing or recombination methods. Recombinant Exonuclease III-T is an engineered exonuclease III with improved temperature resistance.


  • Combines multiple catalytic activities in one active site
  • Adjustment of catalytic rate allows for the generation of single-stranded DNA templates
  • Improved, stability-optimized variant of the standard Exonuclease III


  • Construction of nested unidirectional deletions of DNA fragments in combination with nuclease S1
  • Generation of a single-stranded template for dideoxy sequencing of DNA
  • Site-directed mutagenesis
  • Cloning of PCR products
  • In vitro recombination


  • Recombinant Exonuclease III-T (> 10 U/uL), 100 µl 

Other Sizes Available: 20 µl