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730 040 - ReadyTector Anti Rabbit HRP All-in-one Detection Solution for Western Blotting


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All-in-one Solution for Western blots

ReadyTector contains everything you need for fast, all-in-one immunodetection. Only a specific primary antibody has to be added. All-in-one means that one solution contains everything you need, and the entire process takes place in a single work step - blocking and binding of the primary and secondary antibody occur simultaneously. The next step is just a washing sequence using the special ReadyTector Wash Buffer. 

ReadyTector solution with your valuable primary antibody can be re-used up to 5 times. 

Despite the fast all-in-one incubation process, ReadyTector reduces background, allowing users to generate clear and distinct bands suitable for publishing. 

ReadyTector saves several washing and incubation steps. Therefore, a time saving of several hours can be obtained. 

Run your gel and blot and detect the membrane in a single morning. You get the same results with ReadyTector - but much faster!

ReadyTector for Western Blotting - easy, quick, and clear
 With ReadyTector immunodetection will be accelerated and simplified. All other working steps and materials will remain unchanged. You can also use the same primary antibodies. Blotting procedure, membranes, and signal detection do not have to be changed. No new equipment is necessary. ReadyTector is easy to use  and universal. 
 Fewer working and washing steps save you time and provide results more quickly. The ReadyTector solution contains the blocker and secondary antibodies and thus it can be used directly without any dilution or pre-incubation steps. You simply add your specific primary antibody. 
 ReadyTector reduces background and enables clear and sharp bands for most applications. The results are suitable for publishing. Lanes 1-5 contain 22, 11, 5.5 2.8, 1.4 ng Alpha-1-Antitrypsin spiked in cell lysates, respectively. Protein detection: Mouse anti-A1AT Clone 1AT (Biotrend), 0.2µg / mL on nitrocellulose. The primary antibody for A1AT should only show one band. Additional weak signals show non-specific extra bands
Comparable results obtained with standard Western blotting protocol or ReadyTector protocol and ReadyTector Chemiluniescent Substrate

Kit includes: ReadyTector Solution with Anti-Rabbit-HRP labeled secondary antibody and 10x Wash Buffer