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Lentiviral Plasmids

OG4161 - pSF-Lenti-SFFV-PGK-Puro-SV40ori


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Plasmid: pSF-Lenti-SFFV-PGK-Puro-SV40ori
Size (bp): 7472 bp
Bacterial Antibiotic Selection: AmpR
Origin and Compatibility: pUC high copy derived from pBR322
Bacterial Copy Number: 500-700 per cell
Promoter: Mouse Phosphoglycerate Kinase (PGK) Promoter
A lentivirus expression plasmid containing a HIV1 based lentivirus expression vector that can be used for the stable integration of genes into both dividing and non-dividing cells. The plasmid is based on the commonly used pCCL lentivirus backbone and contains a range of modifications to make cloning easier. The SFFV promoter is present to drive transgene expression. The plasmid also contains a gene which conveys resistance to the antibiotic puromycin whose expression is driven by the PGK promoter. This plasmid can be used together with the ExceLenti LTX Lentivirus Packaging Mix to create a lentivirus production system.