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Virus Vectors

OG4167 - pSF-Lenti-SFFV-EMCV-Puro-SV40ori


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Plasmid: pSF-Lenti-SFFV-EMCV-Puro-SV40ori 
Size (bp): 7534 bp
Bacterial Antibiotic Selection: AmpR
Origin and Compatibility: pUC high copy derived from pBR322
Bacterial Copy Number: 500-700 per cell

A lentivirus expression plasmid containing a HIV1 based lentivirus expression vector that can be used for the stable integration of genes into both dividing and non-dividing cells. The plasmid is based on the commonly used pCCL lentivirus backbone and contains a range of modifications to make cloning easier. The SFFV promoter is present to drive transgene expression. The plasmid also contains a gene which conveys resistance to the antibiotic puromycin.