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17081 - PRO-PREP Protein Extraction Kit, 200 preps


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PRO-PREP™ Protein Extraction Solution is designed to simply extract protein from a variety of cells and tissues. The solution contains 5 kinds of protease inhibitors that result in the extraction of highly purified proteins, as well as a protein stabilization buffer. PRO-PREP™ Protein Extraction Solution is made by ionic detergent, allowing for the isolation of proteins as a monomeric form. This makes it ideal for western blot analysis and measurement of molecular weight.

An EDTA free version of PRO-PREP™ Protein Extraction Solution is also available. 

SDS-PAGE Gel Electrophoresis

Figure 1: Total protein was extracted with PRO-PREP ™ Protein Extraction Solution and then electrophoresed on 15% SDS-PAGE gel and stained with coomassie blue dye. Lane M, PRO-STAIN I Marker; lane 1, K562; lane 2, SNU-1; lane 3, SNU5; lane4, B16; lane 5, rat Heart; lane 6, cow muscle; lane 7, cow subcutaneous fat

Yield from various cells and tissues

Figure 2: Protein is isolated form various cells and tissues using PRO-PREP™ Protein Extraction Solution. 2 mg protein is extracted from 5x106 cell and 8-9 mg protein is extracted from 10 mg tissue.


  • Extracts highly purified proteins from a variety of cells and tissues
  • Absorbance hindrance is not contained to eliminate error rate
  • Includes protein stabilization buffer
  • Contains 5 types of protease inhibitor which minimizes protein degradation
  • Protocol takes only 20-30 minutes


  • Western blot assay
  • Protein-protein interaction
  • Immunoprecipitation


  • PRO-PREP™ Protein Extraction Solution, 100ml