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B. megaterium Protein Expression

BMEG CONTROLS - Bacillus megaterium expression system control vectors, 10 µg


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The Bacillus megaterium expression system provides a versatile and easy-to-handle tool for stable and high-yield protein production, both small- and large-scale. B. megaterium has proven to be an excellent host for the expression of non-homologous DNA. Unlike other bacilli strains, none of the alkaline proteases are present. This enables cloning and expression of foreign proteins without degradation. In addition, there are no endotoxins found in the cell wall. B. megaterium can stably maintain several extra-chromosomal DNA elements in parallel. Protein yields are exceptionally high, even if inexpensive substrates are used. 
Several vectors are available as positive controls for expression in B. megaterium. pGFP1522 (BMEG10C) expresses GFP under the control of xylose inducible PxylA promoter. pRBBm15C (BMEG13C), pRBBm13C (BMEG14C) and pRBBm16C (BMEG15C) encode mutant proteins of levansucrase, an enzyme of Lactobacillus reuteri. These three vectors have been validated for recombinant production and one-step affinity purification of L. reuteri levansucrase from growth medium using a B. megaterium expression system. Click here for background information regarding the controls. 
  • pGFP1522 (BMEG10C) - expresses GFP under the control of xylose inducible PxylA promoter
  • pRBBm15C (BMEG13C) - encodes protein of levansucrase, HIS-Tag
  • pRBBm13C (BMEG14C) - encodes protein of levansucrase, STREP-Tag
  • pRBBm16C (BMEG15C) - encodes protein of levansucrase, STREPHIS-Tag
Please note positive control vectors are available only in combination with a regular B. megaterium expression vector.
To purchase this product, a license is required for any non-academic customer.  Please contact us for more information.


  • Stable, high-yield protein expression 
  • Ideal for both small- and large-scale protein production
  • Tightly regulated and efficiently inducible xylose operon 
  • No alkaline proteases activity even up to 5 hours after induction
  • No endotoxins observed


  • Positive control for B. megaterium system


  • BMEG10C - pGFP1522, GFP expression vector, positive control, 10 µg
  • BMEG13C - pRBBm15C, lev (Levansucrase) expression vector, positive control, His-Tag, 10 µg 
  • BMEG14C - pRBBm13C, lev (Levansucrase) expression vector, positive control, Strep-Tag, 10 µg
  • BMEG15C - pRBBm16C, lev (Levansucrase) expression vector, positive control, StrepHIS-Tag, 10 µg