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EosFP and IrisFP Photoconvertible Fluorescent Proteins

VS-FLP10040 - pmEosFP (Thermostable), 10µg


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pmEosFP (Thermostab) is a cloning and expression vector encoding for an advanced variant of the monomeric fluorescent green-to-red photoconvertible EosFP (mEosFP). The marker was optimized for functional expression at 37 °C, especially in fusion with other proteins. mEosFP (Thermostab) retains the monomeric nature of its predecessor and shows an excellent performance in fusion even with demanding proteins such as tubulin. mEosFP (Thermostab) can be efficiently converted from green to red by a light pulse at wavelengths between 360 and 430 nm. For cell tracking, the vector construct can be used directly for transfection or microinjection and subsequent analyses by fluorescence microscopy. 
For creating signal peptide or protein fusions, the appropriate signal sequence or the desired gene must be cloned into the provided cloning site of the pmEosFP (Thermostab) vector. The photoconversion feature makes mEosFP (Thermostab) applicable to high resolution fluorescence microscopy and enables selective marking of cells, subcellular compartments and proteins.


  • Expression vector for fluorescent monomeric EosFP (mEosFP, Thermostab) protein
  • Ready-to-use construct for cell tracking 
  • Optimized monomeric variant for functional expression at 37°C
  • Excellent performance in fusion even with demanding proteins
  • Green-to red-photoconvertible
  • Permanent, bright and fast
  • Applicable to high resolution fluorescence microscopy such as PALM
  • Source vector for creating fusions with signal peptides


  • Tracking of cells, subcellular compartments and fusion proteins
  • Selective marking of selected mitochondria by photoconversion
  • Localization studies of mEosFP fusion proteins 


  • pmEosFP (Thermostab), FLAG-tagged, lyophilized DNA, 10 µg