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VS-HSV00002 - phH2A.1-15-G, 15μg


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The vector phH2A.1-15-G is a ready-to-use vector for expression of histone hH2A.1-EGFP fusion protein. These fusion proteins can be used in modern fluorescence microscopy techniques (FRET, FRAP, FCS, RICS, FCCS, and F3H) to determine localization, binding, dynamics, protein-protein interactions and protein-protein proximities. The cipher in the vector name indicates the linker length of the fusion proteins.


  • Ready to use for live cell imaging


  • Investigation of the histones
  • Study of localization, binding, and protein-protein interactions 
  • Modern fluorescence microscopy techniques such as FRET, FRAP, FCS, RICS, FCCS, and F3H


  • phH2A.1-15-G, lyophilized DNA, 15 µg



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