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PR-HTK000 - Ni-IDA columns


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Ni-IDA columns with 1g silica-based resin provide a fast and convenient tool for purification of recombinant polyhistidine-tagged proteins by gravity flow. The form-stable silica matrix is pre-charged with Ni2+ ions and allows purification on the principle of Immobilized Metal Ion Chromatography (IMAC). Binding of proteins is based on the interaction between the polyhistidine tag of the recombinant protein and immobilized Ni2+ ions. The chelating group of the Ni-IDA resin is based on IDA (iminodiacetic acid), which enables strong and efficient binding of target protein onto the IMAC matrix. 

In contrast to traditional IDA matrices, MoBiTec's Ni-IDA is an optimized matrix with low density of IDA ligands. This non-saturating surface concentration of IDA eliminates almost all non-specific interactions of contaminating host proteins with the absorbent. As a result, MoBiTec's Ni-IDA provides higher target protein purity.

Silica-Based Ni-IDA Matrix: The Ni-IDA silica is an affinity chromatography matrix for purifying recombinant proteins carrying a His-tag. Histidine residues in the His-tag bind to the vacant positions in the coordination sphere of the immobilized nickel ions which enables strong and efficient binding of target protein. In free Ni-IDA the vacant positions are usually occupied by water molecules.

Purification Procedure: The purification of His-tagged proteins consists of 4 steps: cell lysis, loading & binding, washing, and elution. Cleared cell lysates are loaded onto the matrices. His-tagged proteins are bound, and other proteins pass through the matrix. After washing, His-tagged proteins are eluted with buffer from the matrix.


  • Used for easy, fast, and cost-effective routine purification 
  • Columns are pre-packed and ready-to-use
  • High binding capacity - maximum is 90mg protein per column
  • Protein recovery rate is greater than 80%
  • Improved target specificity by optimized silica-based Ni2+ - IDA matrix
  • Imidazol-free loading and washing buffer
  • Columns can be stored long term when kept dry


  • Purification of recombinant polyhistidine-tagged proteins by gravity flow


  • PR-HTK004 - Ni-IDA columns x 4
  • PR-HTK010 - Ni-IDA columns x 10