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GeneFix DNA Isolation Kits

GSPN-50 - High Purity Saliva Prep 2 DNA Isolation Kit, 50 x 2ml



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The GeneFiX Saliva-Prep 2 Isolation kit is specifically designed for use with saliva samples. It uses a new formulated precipitation method to quickly and easily isolate DNA from samples up to 2ml in the GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA Collectors. This kit does not use solvents, columns or filtration.  Separate protocols are provided for use with GFX-01GFX-02 and GFXA-01 saliva collectors. The reduced number of steps makes it ideal when a simple and efficient isolation method is required.


  • High yields of over 100µg from 2 ml of saliva
  • Fully optimized for use with saliva
  • Fast handling times and reduced handling steps
  • No solvents, columns or filtration requirements


  • DNA isolation from saliva


  • Proteinase K, 22mg x 2
  • Solution SPN, 120ml x 2
  • Solution TE, 40ml
  • Solution SLS, 20ml

Other Sizes Available: 2 reactions12 reactions

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