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New Fast HisenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix Kit

25093 - New Fast HisenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix Kit, 96 tubes


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New Fast HisenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix Kit


Quick, Efficient RT Pre-Mix Kit, without RNase H Activity

This PreMix Kit is highly sensitive to all types of RNA and is specifically designed for the first-strand cDNA synthesis of RT (reverse transcription) reactions. 

Applications Specificity for cDNA synthesis using:

· RTase with no RNase H activity

· RT Synthesis efficiency – improves cDNA synthesis in just 10-15 minutes

· All reagents needed for reaction are stored in one pellet in one tube – just add template and RNase free water

· Products capable of cDNA synthesis from prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA

· Excellent reproducibility with aliquoted premix by ALHP system

· Excellent stability


   · First strand cDNA synthesis

   · Construction of full length cDNA libraries

   · RT-PCR

   · Real time RT-PCR