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Magnetofection magnetic transfection

NM50000 - NeuroMag Neuron Specific Transfection reagent


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Neuron Specific Transfection Reagent

NeuroMag is the first dedicated Magnetofection transfection reagent for neurons. It is perfect for primary neurons and can also be used with cell lines and glial cells. The transfection can be performed with neurons from 3 DIV to 21 DIV. Due to its unique properties, NeuroMag allows you to follow the maturation of transfected neurons for several days after the transfection experiment. NeuroMag is a ready-to-use reagent which forms non-covalent complexes with nucleic acids through electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions. NeuroMag is fully biodegradable, non toxic and does not interfere with cellular mechanisms.

  • Great efficiency, ideal for primary neurons
  • High transfected neuron viability
  • Efficient from 6 DIV to 21 DIV
  • Long transgene expression (up to 7 days)
  • Non toxic and completely biodegradable
  • Serum compatible
  • Ready-to-use, straightforward and rapid

Magnetofection Technology

Magnetofection™ technology is an innovative technology of transfection based on the use of magnetic nanoparticles combined with your nucleic acid of interest. A strong magnetic field is then exerted to concentrate the nucleic acid (DNA, RNA, vector) at the cell surface and promote endocytosis of the magnetic nanobeads. Consequently, high transfection efficiencies can be easily achieved. Magnetofection™ is the perfect solution for transfection of primary cells and hard-to-transfect cell types.


NOTE: As for all Magnetofection reagents, NeuroMag requires an appropriate magnetic field. Two magnetic plates especially designed for Magnetofection are provided to exert this specific magnetic field. The special geometry of one magnetic plate produces a strong magnetic field that is suitable for 96-well plates ( cat. # MF10096) and the other one ( cat. # MF-10000) is suitable for all culture dishes.

Efficient Transfection Reagent for Primary Neurons

Primary rat hippocampal neurons 2 days after transfection with NeuroMag


Primary rat hippocampal neurons 6 days after transfection with NeuroMag


Comparison of transfection efficiency with other transfection reagents



Efficient Transfection Reagent for Neuron Cell Lines

N2A cells 3 days after transfection with NeuroMag


Rapid and Easy-to-Use

  1. Add nucleic acids to NeuroMag
  2. Add these complexes to cells
  3. Incubate your culture plate on the magnetic plate (15 min)

NeuroMag Instruction Manual

NeuroMag Results

NOTE: 200μl of NeuroMag is sufficient for up to 65 assays in a 24-well plate with 1 µg of DNA

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