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Fusion Protein Purification

AB-PTN01010-01 Anti-HA Polyclonal Antibody, 500μl $450.00
AB-PTN01011-01 Anti-HA Polyclonal Antibody, HRP-conjugated, 250μl $469.00

Fusion Protein Purification

We are pleased to offer two products for fusion protein purification.

Our Phenylboronate Columns specifically bind beta-lactamase and are ideal for the isolation of fusion proteins containing beta-lactamase, for example those produced with our PheBo Fusion Protein Cloning System. Phenylboronate also has affinity for Igase and peroxidase.

Our Anti-HA polyclonal antibody is reactive with C- or N- terminal HA-tagged fusion proteins and can be used for immunoprecipitation, as well as immunoblotting, immunostaining and ELISA.