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Fluorescence PCR Labeling Kits

Model Item Name- Price
FT-LNT10010-01 Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, 10 reactions

FT-LNT10010-05 Atto425 PCR Labeling Kit, 50 reactions

FT-LNT10020-01 Atto488 PCR Labeling Kit, 10 reactions

FT-LNT10020-05 Atto488 PCR Labeling Kit, 50 reactions

FT-LNT10040-01 TexasRed PCR Labeling Kit, 10 reactions

FT-LNT10040-05 TexasRed PCR Labeling Kit, 50 reactions

Fluorescence PCR Labeling Kits

We are pleased to offer the MoBiTec line of ready-to-use kits for direct enzymatic incorporation of fluorescently labeled nucleotides into DNA by PCR or Nick Translation, suitable for all typical DNA labeling applications including FISH, microarray gene expression profiling, single molecule detection and other nucleic acid hybridization assays.

The kits contain all reagents required for DNA labeling, providing a highly efficient, easy-to-use, and rapid labeling procedure. The excellent stability and quantum yield of the fluorophores combined with a high incorporation rate of the dye-dUTP complex, makes it the ideal choice for a broad range of fluorescence applications.

In PCR labeling reactions, dTTP, is partially substituted by dye-dUTP. These dye-nucleotides are efficiently incorporated by Taq-polymerase, resulting in fluorescently labeled double-stranded DNA.