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M-Beads Direct

PR-MAG00081-01 - M-Beads Magnetic Silica Beads Direct 3.0, small (2ml)


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This product is part of Mobitec’s series of M-Beads Direct Magnetic silica beads coupling kits. M-Beads Direct is a complete kit for custom functionalization that includes easy-to-use magnetic silica beads and coating solutions. This kit can be used for the immobilization of a biological molecule to a magnetic support. With M-Beads Direct, any molecule that interacts with a specific partner can be turned into a powerful new biomagnetic reagent. The coating of M-Beads Direct acts as a nanoglue, using non-specific electron donation from electron-rich groups of the target biomolecule, including -COOH, -CONH-, -NH2, -NHR-, -NR2, -OH, -SH, -X. As a result, M-Beads Direct allows coupling of a wide variety of medium to large biological molecules, ranging from proteins and enzymes to non-protein molecules.

PR-MAG00081-01 beads have a mean diameter of 3.0 µm. This size makes them especially suitable for cell capture applications and capture reactions in high volumes or viscous samples.


  • Includes paramagnetic beads and surface coating reagents for custom functionalization
  • Coupling of sensitive targets is efficient and reliable
  • Binding only takes a few minutes
  • Produces non-covalent binding that is strong even under extreme conditions
  • Creates maximum binding interaction with large biomolecules
  • Functionalized beads can be stored ready-to-use in various aqueous buffers


  • Diagnostics
  • Cell therapy research
  • Flow cytometry
  • Protein chemistry


  • M-Beads Magnetic silica beads Direct Particle Mix, 3.0 µm, 2ml
  • Immobilization buffer (10x), 4ml
  • Blocking buffer, 1ml