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25081 - Maxime RT PreMix Kit (Oligo dT Primer), 96 tubes


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Maxime™ RT PreMix (Oligo (dT)15 Primer) makes cDNA synthesis from RNA of eukaryotic cells fast and easy with a one-step process. All components necessary for a cDNA synthesis reaction are contained in a dried and stable format in each tube, reducing the risk of pipetting error.
This kit features Oligo dT15 Primer and OptiScript™ RT System for improved performance. cDNA can easily be synthesized with template RNA and RNase free DW addition. With the Oligo dT15 Primer, this kit can be applied to eukaryotic RNA with poly (A) tail as well. A vacuum compression manufacturing method gives the components protection from oxidation and humidity to ensure high stability.

Comparison of cDNA synthesis performance with manual cDNA synthesis kit

RNA was sequentially diluted from 1ug and cDNA was synthesized using Power cDNA Synthesis Kit, manual type cDNA synthesis kit, and Maxime RT PreMix Kit series. The efficiency of the synthesis was observed by PCR with Maxime PCR PreMix Kit (i-StarTaq). As a result, the Maxime RT PreMix Kit (Oligo dT15 primer) showed equivalent performance to the existing manual type, Power cDNA Synthesis Kit, and the sensitivity was also comparable to Maxime RT PreMix Kit (Random primer).

Panel A, p53 gene (218bp) amplification; Panel B, Interleukin -10 gene(IL-10, 1.1kb) amplification A, Power cDNA Synthesis Kit; B, Maxime RT PreMix Kit (oligo (dT)15 Primer); C, Maxime RT PreMix Kit(Random Primer); Lane M, DNA Marker; lane N, no template control


  • Ready-to-use with all the components required for the reaction in a dried pellet in one tube
  • Excellent cDNA synthesis rate by OptiScript™ RT System
  • cDNA synthesis can be completed from a variety of RNAs by Oligo dT15 primers
  • Unnecessary for thermal pretreatment to solve secondary structure of RNA; rapid reversibility is possible
  • High stability and reproducibility


  • First strand cDNA synthesis
  • Construction of full length cDNA libraries
  • Real-time RT-PCR
  • RT-PCR
  • DNA labeling
  • Primer extension


  • Maxime™ RT PreMix (Oligo (dT)15 Primer), 96 tubes*
*Tubes include OptiScript™ RT System, reaction buffer, RNase inhibitor, Oligo dT15 primer, stabilizer, and dNTP mixture