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PCR PreMix (aliquoted & dried) Kits

25141 - Maxime PCR PreMix STARTER Kit, 96 tubes


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96 x 20μl reactions

Intron's Maxime kits offer unmatched convenience and reliability. They feature pre-aliquoted and dried reagents in 96 x 0.2ml thin walled PCR microtubes (12 x 8-strip configuration, with a re-usable 96-place rack included) to which you need add only template DNA, primer set, and dist. water to a reaction volume of 20 μl. The thermostable enzyme, dNTPs, reaction buffer, and even gel loading buffer/dye are included in each tube in a dried and stable format.

The Maxime PreMix STARTER Kit contains 4 different PCR polymerases: i-Taq (standard) Taq polymerase; i-StarTaq (hot-start) PCR polymerase; i-MAX II (long distance/high fidelity) PCR polymerase; and i-StarMAXII (long distance/high fidelity with hot-start) PCR polymerase. The kit is designed to help you determine the optimum PCR polymerase for your application. You can then order the appropriate Maxime kit(s) for your lab.

What you get: 96 thin wall PCR microtubes (12 x 8-strips of 0.2ml microtubes, vacuum-packed for long shelf life) plus a re-usable 96-tube PCR rack.
Each tube contains one of the 4 polymerases plus dNTPs, reaction buffer, and gel loading buffer (in a unique dried and stable format):

each tube contains one of:

  • i-Taq (standard) DNA Polymerase (24 tubes) or
  • i-StarTaq (hot-start) DNA Polymerase (24 tubes) or
  • i-MAX II (long distance/high fidelity) DNA Polymerase (24 tubes) or
  • i-StarMAX II (long distance/high fidelity with hot-start) DNA Polymerase (24 tubes)


  • dNTPs
  • Reaction Buffer
  • Gel Loading Buffer/Dye

What you add to each tube:

  • template DNA
  • primer set
  • distilled H2O to 20μl

This kit provides convenience in the selection of the optimum PCR polymerase for your aplication. You can then order the appropriate Maxime kit for your lab.

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