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Maxime Pre-Mix PCR/RT-PCR Kits

25026 - Maxime PCR PreMix Kit, 480 tubes


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480 x 20μl reactions

Intron's Maxime kits offer unmatched convenience and reliability. They feature pre-aliquoted and dried reagents in 480 x 0.2ml thin walled PCR microtubes (12 x 8-strip configuration, with a re-usable 96-place rack included) to which you need add only template DNA, primer set, and dist. water to a reaction volume of 20 μl. The thermostable enzyme, dNTPs, reaction buffer, and even gel loading buffer/dye are included in each tube in a dried and stable format.

The Maxime PreMix Kit (i-Taq) features Intron's i-Taq DNA Polymerase, a highly purified (anion exchange) form of the enzyme.

Stable for 1 year when stored at -20oC

Kit Contents: 480 thin wall PCR microtubes (5 x 12 x 8-strips of 0.2ml microtubes, vacuum-packed for long shelf life) plus a re-usable 96-tube PCR rack.
Each tube contains the following (in a unique dried and stable format):

  • i-Taq DNA Polymerase
  • dNTPs
  • Reaction Buffer
  • Gel Loading Buffer/Dye

What you add to each tube:

  • template DNA
  • primer set
  • distilled H2O to 20μl