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Magnetic Silica Beads for DNA Isolation & Extraction

MD01017 - MagSi-DNA beads, silica surface, 300nm bead size, 2ml


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MagSi-DNA beads are magnetic silica beads intended for nucleic acid isolation and purification. These beads have a highly dense magnetic core of iron oxide and typically collect within 10 seconds in a magnetic field. Their small particle size offers a large active surface area and high binding capacity for nucleic acids. These particles are applicable in both manual and automated processes, but continuous shaking is needed because of their fast sedimentation. 

The magnetic microparticles are intended as a solid phase extraction tool for custom buffer systems based on chaotropic and non-chaotropic binding principles. They can be used for developing your own nucleic acid isolation and extraction methods, such as:

  • Isolation of genomic, mitochondrial, or viral DNA; isolation of RNA 
  • Isolation of genomic, plasmid or phage DNA from bacterial cultures and bacteria from clinical samples 
  • Clean-up of DNA from enzymatic reactions or chromatin immunoprecipitation procedures to remove unwanted substances

MagSi-DNA beads reversibly bind DNA and other nucleic acids under sample- and buffer-specific conditions. A solution containing DNA (e.g. lysate) is combined with the beads and an application-specific binding buffer. After incubation, nucleic acids are bound to the silica surface. By applying a suitable magnet to the container (tube/deepwell microplate), the bead pellet is separated from the sample mixture. Unwanted components are further removed by washing steps in a selection of buffers. Finally, nucleic acids are released in a DNase/RNase-free water or buffer solution.

Please note: MagSi-DNA beads sediment within seconds and need homogenization during incubation. In some cases, when separation speed is less critical, MagSi-DNA 600nm bead size, allround or 3µm bead size may be more suitable due to their longer sedimentation time.


  • Large surface area and optimized magnetic content for long suspension time
  • High binding capacity for nucleic acids
  • Can be used in both manual and automated/robotic DNA isolation
  • Concentration of 300mg/ml


  • Nucleic acid isolation and purification
  • Developing your own nucleic acid isolation and extraction methods


  • Magnetic Silica Beads with silica surface, 300nm bead size, 2ml


Previously listed as catalog# PR-MAG00036-01.