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Magnetic Silica Beads with Silica Surface

MD16003 - Magnetic Silica Beads, silica surface, 600nm bead size, 2ml



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Magnetic silica beads are surface activated magnetic particles intended for covalent immobilization of proteins (e.g. antibodies, enzymes), peptides, nucleic acids or other molecules of interest. Different surface modifications and bead sizes allow for the selection of the optimal product for the application and molecule to be coupled. After the molecule of interest (ligand) is coupled to the magnetic particles, the resulting beads can be used in downstream applications such as detecting, enriching, or cleaving specific target molecules. The simple and efficient collection in magnetic fields allows for easy rinsing and removal of excess reagents and ligand after coupling. 

MD16003 beads consist of superparamagnetic silica particles and can be used for your own development purpose. They have a silica surface, a bead size of 600nm, and a concentration of 10mg/ml. 


  • Ideal tool for immobilizing molecules on solid phase
  • Does not require columns or centrifugation steps
  • Suitable for high-throughput and automated applications
  • Concentration of 10mg/ml (beads/ml)


  • Immobilization of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, etc.


  • Magnetic Silica Beads with silica surface, 600nm bead size, 2ml

Previously listed as catalog# PR-MAG00003-01.