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Magnetic Silica Beads with Hydrophobic Surface

MD01009 - Magnetic Silica Beads, C18 surface, 2ml


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Magnetic silica beads coated with C4, C8 or C18 -alkyl groups provide a reversed phase surface chemistry and are well suited for applications in proteomics. The beads are an ideal tool for protein and peptide sample concentration, desalting and fractionation, and reducing sample complexity. Peptides and proteins bind to C4, C8 or C18 beads via hydrophobic interactions between the protein/peptide and the hydrophobic surface of the beads. The higher the hydrophobic character of the proteins and peptides, the stronger the binding towards the reversed phase surface. Proteins and peptides are eluted under organic solvent conditions, e.g. acetonitrile, and can therefore be separated according to their relative hydrophobicities. This occurs using stepwise desorption in increasing concentrations of organic solvents.

MD01009 has a surface modified with C18 groups and a bead size of 1.2μm. Beads coated with C18 are especially suited for the desalting of peptides or protein tryptic digest prior to mass spectrometry, concentration of peptides (e.g. secreted peptides into media), and the capture and purification of peptides and proteins from serum and plasma.


  • Supplied at 10 mg/ml in 25% ethanol absolute
  • Ideal for use in 96 well microplates on automated liquid handling platforms
  • Reversed phase chemistry on the surface
  • Compatible with common solvents used in mass spectrometry 


  • Desalting of peptides or protein tryptic digest 
  • Concentration of peptides
  • Capture and purification of peptides and proteins from serum and plasma


  • Magnetic Silica Beads coated with C18 groups, 1.2μm bead size, 2ml


Previously listed as catalog# PR-MAG00004-01.