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M-Beads Magnetic Silica Beads

MD02018 - Magnetic Silica Beads DNA All Around 20mg/ml, 10ml size


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This product is part of Mobitec’s series of M-Beads DNA allround. M-Beads DNA allround are magnetic silica beads with a high magnetic content optimized for nucleic acid isolation. The high magnetic strength makes them applicable for both manual and automated/robotic DNA isolation. The beads will typically collect in less than 1 minute when magnetic force is applied. This quick and complete separation gives high reproducibility, as no beads will be lost during washing steps. 

The M-Beads Magnetic silica beads DNA allround can be used to isolate DNA from whole blood, cells, tissue and bacteria. They are ideal for working on your own DNA isolation experiments and making your own protocol based on magnetic separation.


  • No aggregation
  • Adjustable magnetic moments
  • Adjustable surface properties
  • Efficiently automatable
  • Neutral optical properties


  • Nucleic acid isolation


  • M-Beads Magnetic silica beads DNA allround, 20 mg/ml, 10ml

Previously listed as catalog# PR-MAG00035-02