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M-Beads Magnetic Silica Beads

PR-MAG00035-02 - Magnetic Silica Beads DNA All Around 20mg/ml, 10ml size



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· Highly monodisperse

· No aggregation

· Adjustable magnetic moments

· Adjustable surface properties

· Efficiently automatable

· Neutral optical properties


For rapid isolation of DNA and for essential purification steps these kits can be used in the determination of gene expression or for polymorphisms in metabolic or genetic hereditary diseases.  The application of beads for isolation DNA from cells needs to wash-out bound DNA, which can be done by different principles.  Recent tests demonstrated that M-Beads can also be used with buffers from other suppliers.


M-Beads magnetic silica beads DNA are specifically designed for nucleic acid isolation for rod type robotic systems

M-Beads Magnetic silica beads DNA allround have high magnetic content optimized for nucleic acid isolation from a variety of sources (blood, cells, bacteria etc.) for robotic manual workflow