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Magnetic Silica Beads with Streptavidin

PR-MAG00031 - Magnetic Silica Beads coated with Streptavidin, 1μm, 2ml


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MoBiTec introduces a new product line of magnetic silica beads that are specifically designed for separation, concentration and purification of biomolecules, specific cells or cell compartments. They are ideally suited as a solid phase in assay kits. Due to a fast and flexible production process unrestricted customization possibilities with regard to sizes, kinetics, optical, surface and binding properties is facilitated.


  • highly monodisperse
  • no aggregation
  • adjustable magnetic moments
  • adjustable surface properties
  • efficiently automatable
  • neutral optical properties

Due to these features magnetic silica particles are very flexible tools for research & developmental uses such as cell separation & expansion, proteomics, nucleic acid isolation and IVD assay development. They are available in different diameters, with various encapsulations and a number of coatings for further conjugation e.g. with biomolecules.

Surface ModificationFormulaApplications
Silica-SiOHNucleic Acid Isolation
Carboxyl-COOHProtein Immobilization
Aldehyde-CHOProtein Immobilization
Amine-NH2Protein Immobilization
Hydrophobic-C6-C18Protein Capturing
Sulfonate-SO3-Ion Exchange
Sulfhydryl-SHProtein Immobilization
Streptavidin-SAVCapture Biotinylated Molecules
Protein-A/G-PA/GIgG Isolation


silica surfacediameteramount*
hydrophobic surface
PR-MAG00005 S-C182μm10ml
aldehyde surface
PR-MAG00007 S-CHO1μm10ml
PR-MAG00008 S-CHO2μm10ml
PR-MAG00009 S-CHO600nm10ml
carboxyl surface
PR-MAG00010 S-COOH2μm10ml
PR-MAG00011 S-COOH1μm10ml
PR-MAG00012 S-COOH600nm10ml
amine surface
PR-MAG00013 S-NH21μm10ml
PR-MAG00014 S-NH22μm10ml
PR-MAG00015 S-NH2600nm10ml
thiol surface
PR-MAG00016 S-SH1μm10ml
PR-MAG00017 S-SH2μm10ml
PR-MAG00018 S-SH600nm10ml
protein A/G surface
PR-MAG00022 protein A2μm1ml
PR-MAG00023 protein A600nm1ml
PR-MAG00024 protein A1μm1ml
PR-MAG00025 protein A/G1μm1ml
PR-MAG00026 protein A/G2μm1ml
PR-MAG00027 protein A/G600nm1ml
PR-MAG00028 protein G1μm1ml
PR-MAG00029 protein G2μm1ml
PR-MAG00020 protein G600nm1ml
streptavidin surface

*larger sizes available on request