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Magnetic Silica Beads with Protein A / Protein G

MD01011 - Magnetic Silica Beads coated with Protein A, 1μm bead size, 1ml


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These magnetic beads have a surface coated with Protein A. Magnetic silica beads coated with Protein A can be used to detect or isolate target proteins by coupling the Fc domain of an IgG antibody to a target protein. These beads are ideal for IgG purification and immunoprecipitation. Other applications include capture of immunoglobulins, purification purposes, antibody screening, protein interaction studies, phage display, immunoassays, and cell isolation. 

Protein A and Protein G bind to Fc regions of immunoglobulins. After binding onto magnetic beads with a coating protein A or Protein G, immobilized immunoglobulins can be used for immunoprecipitation of various biomolecules, or can be eluted in a native or denatured state.


  • High quality recombinant Protein A covalently bound to the particle surface
  • Ideal for IgG purification and immunoprecipitation
  • Minimum non-specific binding
  • Produced using a recombinant protein A fusion protein (~45 kDa), derived from E. coli fermentation
  • Concentration of 10mg/ml


  • IgG purification
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • High yield protein purification
  • High yield antibody isolation


  • Magnetic Silica Beads coated with Protein A, 1μm bead size, 1ml


Previously listed as catalog# PR-MAG00024-01