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Lullaby siRNA Transfection Reagent

LL70000 - Lullaby® - siRNA Transfection Reagent


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Reagent For Transfection of siRNA

Lullaby - siRNA transfection reagent delivers siRNA duplexes in a variety of cells with a very high efficiency leading to exceptional knockdown effects with low doses of siRNA. Due to its exclusive properties, Lullaby is a gentle and robust reagent for gene silencing.


  • Effective with very low doses of siRNA
  • Minimize off-target effects
  • Applicable to a broad range of cells
  • Serum compatible & Non toxic
  • Convenient for endogenous gene targeting and co-transfection
  • Usable with a large spectrum of cell culture conditions
  • Rapid and easy procedure

The ideal reagent for transfection of siRNA
RNA interference is a powerful technique to knock down gene expression in cells and organisms. siRNA (small interfering RNA), shRNA (small hairpin RNA) and dsRNA (double strand RNA) offer a convenient method to study gene function and constitute a promising approach for new therapeutic treatments. Short RNA duplexes interact very selectively with their mRNA target, induce their degradation thereby inhibiting the resulting protein production. Transfection reagents must efficiently deliver the siRNA into cells, with minimal toxicity and without non-specific effects, to ensure reliable results. Lullaby offers a number of features allowing you to benefit from state-of-the-art in siRNA transfection. Provided with a detailed protocol, Lullaby out-perfoms competitor's products for efficiency, non toxicity and variety of applications.

Highly reliable and reproducible gene silencing
Based on an innovative technology, this lipid-based reagent achieves extremely efficient siRNA delivery into cells. Lullaby protects siRNA from extracellular degradation and has an outstanding ability to destabilize cell membranes, allowing delivery of significant siRNA amounts into the cytosol. Transfection is very efficient and highly reproducible, even with low doses of siRNA. Lullaby allows high gene silencing levels in various conditions: cells, concentrations, targets, culture conditions, etc.

Effective at multiple siRNA concentrations - even with low doses
It has been clearly shown that high concentrations of siRNA (>100nM) can cause off-target effects. Thus, 1 to 20nM siRNA concentrations are ideal for transfection. Lullaby® is efficient starting from 0.1nM of siRNA and optimal at 5 to 10nM, avoiding non-specific effects.

GFP inhibition in HeLa cells

Rapid and straightforward procedure
Lullaby is a ready to use and simple reagent: gene silencing experiments are quickly handled in a 3 step procedure. Assays can be performed after a short incubation time: first significant levels of gene knockdown can be observed and analyzed 24 hours post-transfection.

Powerful for all cell types
Lullaby has been successfully tested on various cell lines, reaching up to 90% gene silencing. Because Lullaby is a safe formulation, high cell viability is maintained in every experiment. Its little-to-no cytotoxicity level allows efficient co-transfections.


LI 3

Flexible and adapted to all culture conditions
Do not worry about experimental conditions: Lullaby is antibiotics- and serum-compatible and works over a broad range of cell confluence (between 20 and 90%).


Versatile and convenient for all siRNA applications
This versatile reagent is suitable for all siRNA applications including endogenous gene targeting and co-transfections. Lullaby can be used with siRNA, shRNA and dsRNA. It is fully applicable to High-Throughput Screening.



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