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Virus Transduction & Infection

LB00000 - LentiBlast


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LentiBlast™ Kit is designed to enhance lentiviral infection and transduction in any type of cell (adherent, in suspension, primary or cell lines). With its patent-protected chemical composition, neutralizing electrostatic repulsions between membrane and viral particles and enhancing viral fusion with cell membranes can occur simultaneously. Due to a favorable “membrane permeable effect” limiting the transmembrane potential changes, LentiBlast™ is non-toxic and compatible with cell viability. LentiBlast™ overcomes obstacles that prevent successful transduction such as cell density, passage number, lentivirus purity, and MOI. LentiBlast™ is also compatible with the presence of other enhancers and for sequential transductions.

Figure 1: NIH-3T3 cell line was infected with a lentivirus encoding GFP at two different MOI (0.5 and 1) in presence or not of polybrene (10 μg/mL) or two concentrations of LentiBlast (1:1000 and 1:100). Lentiviral transduction enhancer’s efficiency was determined 72 h after transduction under fluorescence microscope.


  • Enhances infection and transduction efficiency of lentivirus
  • Non-toxic
  • Compatible with cell lines and primary cells
  • Requires reduced amounts of Lentivirus (low MOI)
  • Composed of two reagents for a higher compatibility and efficiency



  • Enhancing lentiviral transduction in cells (adherent, suspension, primary or cell lines)



LB00500 (100 transductions)

  • LentiBlast™ Reagent A, 500 µl
  • LentiBlast™ Reagent B, 500 µl

LB01500 (300 transductions)

  • LentiBlast™ Reagent A, 1500 µl 
  • LentiBlast™ Reagent B, 1500 µl 


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