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25162 - i-StarTaq DNA Polymerase (Hot-Start), 500u


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i-StarTaqâ„¢ DNA Polymerase is a non-antibody, chemical-based, hot-start enzyme that reduces nonspecific amplification and improves specificity and accuracy. It can be used as a solution when the specific band is weakly amplified by nonspecific amplification, such as nonspecific band or primer dimer. Although Taq DNA Polymerase is most commonly used in PCR, it is not suitable for some PCR conditions as the number of targets to be amplified varies. Hot-start PCR is a method designed to overcome this problem by blocking the physicochemical reaction of Taq DNA Polymerase to prevent it from working below the annealing temperature of the primer.


  • High specificity and accuracy with hot-start function
  • High purity Hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Highly reproducible results


  • Pathogen detection
  • Genomic DNA PCR
  • Hot-start PCR
  • Real-time PCR
  • High GC rich, repeat region PCR
  • T/A vector cloning
  • LOH or MSI analysis related PCR


  • i-StarTaqâ„¢ DNA Polymerase (5U/ml), 500 units
  • 10× PCR Buffer (with 20mM Mg2+), 1ml
  • 10× Mg2+-free PCRBuffer, 1ml
  • 10mM dNTPs (2.5mM/each), 1ml
  • 25mM Mg2+, 1ml