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Isohelix DNA Buccal Swabs

SK-1S - Isohelix T-Swab Buccal Swab with 5ml collection tube, pack of 100



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T-Swabs are an advanced version of buccal swabs that are designed for high-yield DNA retrieval and convenient transport. The swab itself is manufactured of a special plastic material (so that cells are not absorbed into the matrix) and features a unique "raised chevron" design for increased yield (up to 6ug of DNA per swab). Sample handling is much improved over other systems: each swab is packaged with a 5ml plastic collection tube and cap. After the buccal sample is obtained, the swab is inserted in the tube and the shaft is broken off just above the swab head by gentle pressure at the score. The tube is then capped and ready to be transported to the lab for processing.



NOTE: When used in conjunction with the Isohelix Stabilizing Kit, the sample can be stored for 2 years without any loss of stability.

NOTE: When used in conjunction with Simhelix Dri-Capsules the samples can be stored for at least 5 months at ambient temperature.

See our ISOHELIX Brochure