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25181 - i-pfu DNA Polymerase (High Fidelity), 250u


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i-pfu DNA Polymerase is a typical heat-resistant proof-reading enzyme with 3 '→ 5' exonuclease activity. It has high fidelity and guarantees an error rate of 1x10-6 (one error rate per 13,000 base pairs). The proofreading activity of i-pfu DNA Polymerase allows PCR products with more accurate base sequences to be obtained than when using Taq DNA Polymerase. When using i-pfu DNA Polymerase, DNA fragments longer than Taq DNA Polymerase (up to 30 kb) can be amplified. Because of these properties, i-pfu DNA Polymerase is widely used in experiments in which high accuracy is required, such as gene cloning and expression. Unlike Taq DNA Polymerase, this i-pfu DNA Polymerase produces blunt-end amplification products.


  • High accuracy makes it possible to amplify long DNA templates 
  • PCR products have more accurate bases 
  • Low error rate of 1x10-6
  • Used in blunt-end Cloning
  • Ideal for experiments requiring high accuracy such as gene cloning and expression


  • General PCR
  • Blunt Cloning
  • Template amplification for DNA sequence analysis


  • i-pfu DNA Polymerase (2.5 U/ml), 250 units
  • 10× PCR Buffer (with 15 mM Mg2+), 1ml
  • 10× Mg2+-free PCR Buffer, 1ml
  • 10mM dNTPs (2.5 mM/each), 500μl 
  • 25mM Mg2+, 1ml