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iGENatal - Prenatal DNA Kit

IGN050 - iGENatal Kit - 50 samples


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This new and optimized version of the iGENatal kit, is specifically developed for amniotic fluid and chronic villi, avoiding the use of phenol during the extraction.

iGen Biotech kits are a range of innovative DNA purification systems, specifically designed and ready-to-use for different types of samples: prenatal (amniotic fluid and chorionic villi), blood, paraffin embedded samples, and liquid biopsies.



The iGENatal kit offers the following features:


  • Specifically designed for DNA extraction from low cellularity samples, such as pre-natal samples
  • Allows extraction of 70% more DNA with respect to the Gold Standard
  • The high quality DNA extracted, is suitable for CGH arrays, without the need for previous cell culture
  • Suitable for SNP arrays
  • Extraction time of less than 2 hours

Product Specifications:

  • High quality and high purity DNA is practically free from impurities from RNA and peptides without sacrificing yields due to its' non-silica columns procedure
  • Absorbance ratios:
  • High yields
  • Minimum starting amount of 2-4ml amniotic fluid or 2-3mg chorionic villi
  • CE-IVD labelled for In Vitro Diagnostics


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