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iGENatal - Prenatal DNA Kit

IGN050 - iGENatal Kit - 50 samples


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iGENatal Kit is a genomic DNA extraction kit especially designed for low cell count prenatal samples such as amniotic fluid and chorionic villi. The extraction system allows the rapid isolation of high quality DNA from a small sample. From minimal starting amounts (2 ml of amniotic fluid or 2-3 mg of chorionic villi), one can harvest approximately 100 μg/ml of DNA from amniotic fluid and 800 μg/ml of DNA from chorionic villi, respectively. A complete extraction can be carried out in less than 3 hours.

-High quality DNA is obtained from a small amount of starting material: A260/280 is 1.7-1.9

-High yield from 50,000 cells

-Fast: less than 3 hours

-Simple: no purification columns necessary, can be stored at room temperature

Well suited to cases where time is a critical factor and the initial material scarce, and where there is a need to obtain high quality DNA for genetic testing, such as with amniotic fluid or chorionic villi samples.


Minimum cells



<3 hours

Absorbance 260/280


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