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B. megaterium Protein Expression

BMEG VECTORS-hp - Bacillus megaterium hp-shuttle vectors (high performance), 10μg


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B. megaterium vector-hp

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B. megaterium vector-hp Features

  • High performance vectors with optimized sequence
  • Protein yield enhanced up to 10X compared to basic plasmids
  • Plasmids have established MCS
  • Encoding C- or N-terminal His-tag for versatile purification (native, 6 X HIS-tag)
  • Secretion with LipA or YocH signal peptide

Optimized high performance (hp) vectors for Bacillus megaterium

hpgraph We are pleased to provide a wide range of B. megaterium vectors adaptable to a variety of applications and purification schemes. These include specialized vectors with a 6XHis-tag and carrying a secretion signal peptide.
These new hp-vectors (red squares) provide yields up to 10-fold higher than the standard plasmids (blue circles). The vectors have established multiple cloning sites (MCS) for versatile cloning. Plasmids are also available encoding C- or N-terminal His-tags for easy purification. Protein secretion with LipA or YocH signal peptides is increased up to nine-fold. Induction of protein expression of all vectors is achieved by the tightly regulated and efficiently inducible xylose operon.

Versatile system with a wide range of vectorshp

The B. megaterium expression system provides a versatile and easy-to-handle system for stable and high-yield protein production, both small- and large-scale.
B. megaterium has proven to be an excellent alternative host to E. coli for heterologous gene expression. Unlike other strains, proteolytic degradation by alkaline proteases is avoided; in addition, there are no endotoxins found in the cell wall.

B. megaterium protoplasts specifically optimized for transformation

MoBiTec conveniently provides protoplasts of B. megaterium, which are ready for transformation. The protoplasts supplied by MoBiTec are from B. megaterium strain WH320, developed by Prof. Dr. W. Hillen at the Institute of Microbiology in Erlangen, Germany. These protoplasts are prepared according to an optimized protocol resulting in the highest transformation efficiencies.
For secretion vectors we offer protoplasts of strain MS941. Both strains are mutants of DSM319, where WH320 is a chemically mutant, while MS941 has a defined deletion in the gene of the major extracellular protease NprM.
More Details on Bacillus megaterium Protoplasts

VectorCat. #TagSecretion
pC-His1623hpBMEG316 x HIS (C-term)NO
pN-His-TEV1623hpBMEG326 X HIS (N-term) (TEV-site)NO

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