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HEKG - Hektor G Medium


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Hektor G Medium

The chemically defined, protein- and peptide-free Hektor minimal culture media were first developed for the in vitro cultivation of kidney-derived human cell lines such as HEK 293T and HEK 293EBNA, then used for the adaptation of serum-dependent Vero cells to serum-free culture conditions.

The authenticated and certified serum-free 293-Hektor cell line and Vero-Hektor cell line available at the European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures can be routinely cultivated and banked with Hektor G medium.

  • Exclusively made of small molecules characterized by their CAS- and EINECS registry numbers
  • Totally free of proteins, peptides, complex additives such as albumines, hydrosylates and yeast extracts, and animal-derived components
High productivity levels of recombinant HEK 293EBNA cells were obtained by using the InVitrus VP-6 medium after transfecting cells in Hektor G medium.

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