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Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium

VHCK2 DMEM - Happy Cell ASM General Purpose and Scale Up Kit - DMEM



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Happy Cell ASM Scale-Up Kit


The complete Happy Cell ASM General Purpose and Scale-Up Kit provides the essential tools for growing 3D cells and micro-tissues to a larger scale.  This kit includes Happy Cell ASM formulated DMEM, Happy Cell Inactivation Solution, untreated low attachment 96 well microplates, and 50ml bioreactor tubes with vented caps.  The included Happy Cell concentrate is sufficient for up to 1,000 experiments in a 96 well microplate format, or up to 4000 experiments in a 384 well microplate format.

Happy Cell ASM is a unique, low viscosity, low density, cell culture reagent, that permanently suspends cells.  It allows for easy labeling, washing, and dosing of cells, and is suitable for high content imaging as well as automated liquid handling.

Happy Cell ASM Inactivation Solution is a liquid reagent, designed to enhance the performance of Happy Cell ASM, and improve the quality of your data.  It facilitates the recovery of 3D multi-cellular structures by irreversibly disrupting the Happy Cell ASM suspension polymer complex, without compromising cellular integrity and function.

See below for multiple publications involving the successful use of Happy Cell ASM in a variety of applications.


  • Facilitates the formation, growth, treatment, and downstream processing of 3D multi-cellular structures
  • Enables fast and simple sample recovery and analysis
  • Allows easy labeling, washing, and dosing of cells
  • Automation friendly
  • Convenient and cost effective


  • Oncology and chronic disease models
  • Stem cell organoid culture
  • Primary cell culture and expansion
  • Flow Cytometry