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Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium

Happy Cell -  Revolutionizing Cell Culture in 3D!

Happy Cell ASM 3D Culture Medium

Happy Cell® ASM is a unique, new, low viscosity cell culture medium that meets all the requirements that labs in the drug discovery world are currently demanding: Cost effective, scalable, rapidly deployable and simple to use and compatible with automation with minimal human Intervention. This technology features a unique modified natural inert polymer suspension system that can be de-activated allowing for analysis and recovery of cell and tissue samples.

Happy Cell is the unique, easy-to-handle, low viscosity culture media that:
  • Supports 3D growth in Cancer, Stem, and Primary Cells
  • Allows for Rapid Tumor Spheroid Formation
  • Has proven efficacy when growing stem cell organoids
  • Enables quick & easy harvesting of Cells and Microtissues
  • Is suited for Flow Cytometry