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Genomic DNA Extraction

17045/17046 - G-spin Total DNA Extraction Kit


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The single kit solution for all your genomic DNA requirements! 

G-spin™ Total DNA Extraction Mini Kit is designed to extract genomic DNA from a variety of specimens including animal cell cultures, blood, animal tissue, rodent tail, fixed tissue, hair and Gram-negative bacteria. Optimized protocols are provided for each specimen and can be completed in 20-30 minutes. The Lysis Buffer and Binding Buffer, upgraded from the conventional G-spin™ series, result in a higher extraction of purified DNA. This kit can be used in downstream applications such as PCR and hybridization research. Additionally, the extraction of blood requires only one buffer, without performing RBC lysis separately.

Protocols provided:

  • Type A Protocol: blood, body fluids
  • Type B Protocol: tissues, rodent tail
  • Type C Protocol: cell, buffy coat
  • Type D Protocol: dried blood spots
  • Type E Protocol: fixed tissues
  • Type F Protocol: bacteria
  • Type G Protocol: biological swabs
  • Type H Protocol: animal hair


  • Extracts DNA from a variety of specimens
  • Upgraded Lysis Buffer and Binding Buffer improve the yield and purification of DNA
  • DNA can be extracted from blood with only one buffer, without performing RBC lysis separately
  • Optimized protocols for each specimen are provided
  • Genomic DNA extraction can be completed in 20-30 minutes



  • Cancer research
  • Gram-negative bacterial research
  • Human genetic research
  • Viral DNA research
  • Detection assay: PCR, real time PCR
  • DNA hybridization: Southern blotting, microarray



17045 - 50 Extractions

  • Buffer CL, 25ml 
  • Buffer BL, 25ml 
  • Buffer WA, 40ml 
  • Buffer WB (Concentration), 10ml/5ml 
  • Buffer CE, 20ml 
  • Spin columns x 50 
  • Collection tubes x 50 
  • RNase A (lyophilized), 3mg 
  • Proteinase K (lyophilized), 22mg 

17046 - 200 Extractions

  • Buffer CL, 90ml 
  • Buffer BL, 90ml 
  • Buffer WA, 160ml 
  • Buffer WB (Concentration), 40ml/20ml 
  • Buffer CE, 40ml 
  • Spin columns x 200 
  • Collection tubes x 200
  • RNase A (lyophilized), 3mg x 4 
  • Proteinase K (lyophilized), 22mg x 4