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GeneFix DNA Saliva Collectors

GFXA-01/00 - GeneFix 1ml Assisted Saliva Collection Device (includes 2 swabs)


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GeneFix Saliva Collector with 2 Assisting Foam Swabs Included

GeneFix is a new easy to use and economical DNA saliva collection device designed specifically to store and stabilize DNA present in 1ml saliva samples. The collection tube is pre-filled with a fully tested and chemically optimized, non-toxic stabilization buffer. The simple screw-on funnel enables the saliva sample to be delivered directly and quickly into the buffer.

Clear, legible markings on the GeneFix collection tubes indicate the correct volume of saliva to be delivered, prior to removing the funnel and re-sealing the tube with the screw cap. The unique funnel design prevents spillages and flow back even when accidentally knocked over, and the collection tube will withstand defined physical pressures that have been specified for leak proof sample transport and storage. The unique funnel design can also be used with the new assisted option using foam swabs.

  • Economic, easy to use integrated DNA stabilization buffer
  • Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffer flow back
  • DNA stabilized at room temperature for at least 12+ months
  • DNA yields maintained for 12+ months at room temperature
  • Total DNA yields in excess of 100µg exceeding 180ng/µl (quantified by Picogreen)
  • GeneFiX is compatible with most Manual and HT Isolation kits
  • 1 and 2d printed codes with auto de-capping capability
  • Fully tested on most downstream processing techniques
  • Suitable field, home use, and clinic-based sampling
  • Collection tube specified to 95kPa for leak proof mailing
The foam swabs can be used to assist in collection. The swabs are squeezed through the funnel. 

Optional Lysis Step

GeneFix Collector samples integrate directly with DNA kits containing Proteinase K for Cell Lysis. We also offer a fully tested Proteinase K if there is a preference for an independent or optional pre lysis step.