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GeneBlaster enhanced expression

GB20014 - GeneBlaster Emerald for Neurons, 450 assays


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GeneBlaster Emerald is one of four types of GeneBlasters™ Transfection Boosters. These products are chemical mixtures that significantly improve the gene expression level obtained with viral and non-viral gene delivery systems. They can be used with all commercially available transfection reagents. 

GeneBlaster Emerald was developed for use with neurons.

Figure 1: Neuron transfection improvement with Gene Blaster Emerald. Primary hippocampal neurons were transfected with a pGFP plasmid DNA using NeuroMag or a Lipid L + CombiMag with and without GeneBlaster Emerald. After 72h, the number of transfected neurons was estimated by fluorescence microscopy.


  • Developed for neurons
  • Higher gene expression in many cells
  • Prolongs in vitro gene expression
  • Successful with all genetic vectors
  • Simple, rapid protocol


  • Enhancement and lengthening of transgene expression in neurons


  • GeneBlaster Emerald, 1.5ml x 3 (450 assays)