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FlyFectin insect cell transfection

FF50000 - FlyFectin Insect Cell Transfection Reagent


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FlyFectin is a specifically designed and very efficient transfection reagent for insect cells. Innovative and unique, FlyFectin is:

  • Highly efficient with excellent reproducibility
  • Multipurpose (various types of nucleic acids)
  • Ideal for recombinant protein production with Baculovirus expression system
  • Simple, Ready-to-use and Rapid
  • Compatible with and without serum-containing culture media
  • Non toxic
  • Economical

FlyFectin Offers A Unique Solution

Based on an aqueous formulation of cationic and neutral lipids, FlyFectin has been developed exclusively to transfect insect cells. FlyFectin is perfect to produce high level of recombinant protein in association with a Baculovirus expression system. High transfection efficiencies are also accomplished in a wide variety of insect cells with various types of nucleic acids.

Highly Efficient FlyFectin Reagent

The complexes formed by DNA and FlyFectin reagent have an exceptional capacity to destabilize cells membrane, allowing the delivery of important DNA amounts into the cytosol. Transfection is very efficient, and highly reproducible, even with very low amounts of nucleic acids. Consequently, FlyFectin is the ideal reagent for numerous insect cells.

Universal and Multipurpose

FlyFectin is adapted to the delivery of DNA, mRNA, siRNA or oligonucleotides and has been successfully used on various insect cells.

FlyFectin can be used for all applications: stable and transitory transfection, Co-transfection, high throughput screening... FlyFectin is the ideal reagent for production of recombinant protein using Baculovirus expression system.

Flyfectin is compatible with and without serum-containing culture media.

No Toxicity

Flyfectin is a non-toxic gene delivery method. Due to its biochemical and biophysical properties, FlyFectin formulation is highly efficient at low doses and the potential secondary effects are avoided.

Simplicity & Quickness

Flyfectin is a simple and ready to use reagent. Transfection is achieved in a 2-step process:

1: Mix DNA and FlyFectin

2: Add to your cells

500μl of FlyFectin is sufficient for 125 transfections (1μg DNA).

Download our FlyFectin User Manual

Cell Lines Tested

Cell Lines
Cell Type
Spodoptera frugiperda ovarian cells
Spodoptera frugiperda ovarian cells
Spodoptera littoralis ovarian cells